THE EDITOR/Aidventures' Boss!

The editor, Tony Pritchard, has been involved with 4x4s since 1966, often using Series One Land Rovers for farm work and ‘exploring’ – which we now call greenlaning!

He conceived and edited ’4X4 & Off Road Mart’ magazine, produced by Aceville in Colchester, before launching ’4×4 Enthusiast’ which was sold to Traplet Publishing, who sold it on to Waterways World (publishers of Total Off Road) who killed it stone dead. Thanks, guys!

Tony then went on to edit World Off Road, before launching Overland Travel, which was developed from his Expedition Society website.

He has driven many types of 4x4s, courtesy of the manufacturers and owned, Nivas, Series 1, 2 (SWB & LWB)  and 3 (SWB & LWB Safari), 110, Range Rovers (V8, 200Tdi, V8/LPG), Suzukis, modified Toyota Surf and currently is restoring his expedition prepared Land Rover Discovery  300Tdi. (shown below)

Above: My non turbo Land Rover 110, nicknamed 'Flopsy & Mopsy' - by Dave Lane and Andy Blois on our Poland Media Trip


As some of you know, I've been ill for over a year now and missed out on the Snow Leopard Expedition  to Kazakhstan and beyond, But, after quite a long time I've now been correctly diagnosed and operated  on at the end of last month, over a two day operation (they didn't have a bed for me, so I had to go home ovenight and return the following day, to complete the operation!). They removed  a bladder stone (about the size of a small bird's egg!) and now I'm recovering slowly, but feeling a lot better! - and I'm working on the Discovery again!